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A man operating a sewing machine with other Bestwork workers in the background

2023 Annual Report

Annual Report FY2023 - Bestwork's Breakout Year


Bestwork Industries for the Blind, Inc. is a private not-for-profit corporation dedicated to improving the quality of life for people who are blind by providing training and employment opportunities in a supportive work environment.

Man smiling, wearing a blue jean jacket, packaging materials at a Bestwork factory


To transform from a small self-sustaining manufacturing agency into a full-service social enterprise

Man assembling parts at a Bestwork factory


Two philosophies underpin the way Bestwork operates: the pursuit of excellence and pride in offering real jobs that generate self-sustaining revenue for this mission-based business. On a daily basis, several values bring these philosophies to life:

  • To RESPECT all individuals, appreciate their contributions to the team, and provide opportunities.
  • To embrace CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT as fundamental to exceeding our own and our customers’ expectations.
  • To foster a learning environment that encourages INNOVATION and leads to new pathways.
  • To exhibit ACCOUNTABILITY through open and transparent communication, mission-based decision making, and healthy employee and business relationships.
  • To encourage a sense of ownership, consistency, and LEADERSHIP at all levels.